ted talks rae responds why some of us don't have one true calling

TED Talks, Rae Responds: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

As part of my desire to broaden my perspectives of how I see the world, I’ve been trying to make it a weekly habit to watch at least one TED talk.

Today’s reviewed TED Talk is for:

  • Those who have multiple talents
  • Those who really can’t narrow down on what they want a career in
  • Those that loves to explore new subject matters and have trouble focusing on only one

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TED Talks Rae Responds - How to Find Work You Love

TED Talk, Rae Responds: How to Find Work You Love

Every now and then I’ll post videos that deeply intrigued me from the TED.com site. It’s actually on my bucket list to attend a TED conference one day some day. Until then I will keep myself satisfied by watching numerous talks to expand my perspective of the world.

This TED talk is for:

  • people that are frustrated with their current jobs
  • people who want to quit their jobs, people who wish to have a job that they enjoy
  • people who are nervous about quitting a job
  • people who just want to figure out their purpose and career goals
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