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Peace is a Choice

I’m sure I’m not the only person that has asked God, “Please Lord give me some peace on this day.” I would expect God to rain down some peace particles from the heavens that would put my worries and fears at ease so that I would carry on about my day. I would relax in my prayer time of doing so but sure enough not even an hour later would I be wound up again on edge wondering where my peace went.

It wasn’t attend I attended a service at my home church, The Life Church, that Pastor John spoke about peace and there was a moment that he said something that really hit me. He said that peace is a choice. If you want to keep peace in your life, then choose to have it.

I had to stop for a moment and let that sink in. Wait…so I must own the fact of whether or not I’m in a state of peace? Can’t be. But when you think about it, it’s true. We choose to worry. We choose to be afraid of something. We allow ourselves to wallow in these emotions and wait on God to pull us out. But you have to put in an effort to pull yourself up. You want peace? Ask God to help you have a peaceful mindset and then make a decision to be peaceful. Don’t allow anything to rob you of your joy. Don’t allow anything to make you full of anxiety. Choose to be at a state of peace.

Easier said than done. I know, I know. But it can become easier the more you practice it and the stronger your faith is in God. You see, I trust that God is always in control. I may not understand why everything happens, but I know that God does. I have to rest in my faith to allow God to work things out that I can no longer control. And no I’m not saying that because some preacher said that. I have gone through things in life that has proved that having the faith to trust in God to take care of things that I don’t have control over will yield me the peace and energy I need to move on and continue to be productive in life.

Now reread that and noticed that I said with things that I have NO control over. Because for some situations there are many things that I can do to make my situation better. By putting in all the action that I can, I can rest in knowing that I’ve done what I could, and it’s now God’s turn to take the baton and make things happen in His right timing. I tell God what I need and I let it go from there. That can help me to hold on to the peace that God can give me to choose to walk in. I must do my part and allow God to do the rest with a peaceful mindset. (John 14:27; Philippians 4:6,7; Isaiah 26:3)

For example, I use to have to pray for peace everyday when I worked at one of my past jobs. I hated this job, and I would wait in my car until the last minute before I had to clock in just so that I wouldn’t have to spend not one extra minute in there. I prayed for peace in my job, but I allowed others to rob me of it every day. It wasn’t until I chose to be at a stable level of peace and joy that I started having better days at my job. When someone came at me wrong, I chose not to let them get to me. I remembered that this was simply a situation where this person wanted me to be upset and wanted to rile me up. I began to refuse to fall into their trap to give them the satisfaction of being powerful enough to bother me and break my good mood.

It’s funny that when I started doing this, I either saw one of two actions:

  1. Anger. They would get so frustrated that it would build and build until they started doing irrational stupid stuff just to try to upset me. It made them crazy that they couldn’t get to me like they use to, and other people started to notice it too. Pretty soon other people would call them out on it as usually I wasn’t the only person they were trying to provoke at work.
  2. Confusion. They would just stare with a stank look on their face wondering why they couldn’t change my mood. They would quietly go back to what they were doing while still looking at me funny. Eventually they gave up on bothering me because they found out that they couldn’t get to me anymore. Some even started to change their attitude completely and started being nice to me.

Remember that some people are just miserable. We all know that misery loves company. When you reject that invitation to be miserable with them, you are keeping the peace the God is giving you. You’re keeping the joy that God has placed in your heart. And as you practice that daily, it’ll become easier and easier to not let things in life put you in left field so quickly. Then there’s also situations and circumstances that may steal your peace and joy. Remember that nothing last forever. This too shall pass. One day you’ll look back and no longer feel any emotional turmoil from it and only as a memory of what you came out of.

So choose peace. Ask God to help you have it and keep it. Then make the decision with every hour that goes by that you will continue to be peaceful. Don’t allow your emotions overwhelm you to the point that you can’t make this decision. You can’t control everyone else, but you can control yourself. Exercise that self-control and live a more peaceful life.


Walking Off the Stage to Start New Chapter

I…am tired.

Like I just don’t feel like there’s words in the English language that will truly suffice to describe my level of exhaustion when it comes to school.

I started my journey to earn my Master’s degree back in the Spring of 2013. I took it slow at first but eventually I crept up to the Summer of 2015 and felt irritated that I still had 6 more classes to go.

working towards graduationI have been holding down a full time job through the entire journey as my light, gas, and water bill could care less about my education goal; they just want their money. However, going through this journey with only 1 or 2 classes a semester was making me feel anxious. I was tired of midnight deadlines and papers. I was tired of forcing myself to read through boring chapters. I was tired of pretending like I was so intrigued by Amy’s discussion post with my meeting the minimum 4 sentences of describing how she made a GREAT point.

I’s tired.

So I did something crazy that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless they just can’t do otherwise. I tackled full time work with full time school. Working a full time day job with 9 graduate credit hours. I did this for two semesters and hated every moment of it. graduationNow mind you, I enjoyed the topics (except for Statistics…that was straight hell) so it wasn’t like I didn’t like what I was learning but just the stress of meeting deadlines and completing assignments as soon as I got off from a stressful day at work was overwhelming. It was so hard to mentally focus to have creative ideas and designs at work and then come home and push my brain even more to focus on theories and designs. That was rough.

graduation day

You know how people look back on things and say that the time flew by. Nah. I did NOT feel that. Graduation day came at a slow pace. But I’m glad that eventually it did and I’m happy it’s all over. It doesn’t even feel like graduation has happen yet. It hasn’t fully hit me yet. Maybe when the Fall comes and I realize I’m not starting class, it will but until then I was try to focus on a few things that I’ve become increasingly anxious to get started on:

  • Growing spiritually – I’ve seriously slacked off from where I once was. Yes, I’ve stayed pretty much consistent with going to church but when it came to daily prayer and reading the bible, that’s where I’ve fallen off. It’s so important for me to make this a daily habit and I plan to focus on doing so.
  • Progressing in My Career Goals – I love my job but one thing about my field is that it is ALWAYS changing. With e-learning design there’s SO many talents that I can master to make my courses exceptional. I hope to study on my own time to broaden my talents to do just that.
  • Social Life – I’ve seriously neglected friends and family as I relentlessly sought after my career goals with my education. I regret doing so but now is a better time than ever to be a better friend, girlfriend, and daughter to those that matter most.
  • Finances – The state of my finances aren’t extremely bad but they are not extremely great either. With student loans, credit card debt, and other bills holding their hand out, I have to do a better job at management if i want to stay afloat but live life fully.
  • Physical Health – I’ve been putting this off so for long but do to some health issues that I’m having, I have to start putting my physical health as a priority meaning better eating habits, water drinking, nurturing my natural hair, better sleep habits and exercising.
  • Community Service – I’m a firm believer that as you reach milestones in your life, you should hold the door open for others so that they can grow and reach their goals as well. We have to help each other. I have several service projects up my sleeve (one of which is to begin career coaching) that I can’t wait to get started on to do just that.

So now’s the time! Just thought I’d give a little back story of where the new categories have come from. This blog will not only serve to talk about my journey as I aim for more out of life but will track my progress as I start shifting my focus to holding the door open for others to reach their goals. With this blog, I want to share my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, and hopefully be able to relate with someone else out there that is hoping to aim for more in their life as well. I’d love to help anyone else that I can to help plan their journey to the life they envision when they truly aim for more. So follow the blog, follow the social media accounts, and let’s aim for more together.

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