Acts of God’s Kindness

I’m sure you’re curious of why you received what you have.  There’s no strings attached to it. The money was earned from the work hours I personally put in as I’m just like any other hard working citizen trying to make a living. There are no tricks or ulterior motives. I have a simple quest which is this:

Show the love and kindness of God to others
Invite others to church


God has blessed me even when I didn’t feel like I deserved it, even when I felt like I wasn’t holy enough, even when I made shameful mistakes. No matter what, God’s love and kindness remained unconditional.

So I got money out of my account, prayed that morning for God to show me who could use a positive act of love and kindness, and He led me to you.

God loves you, and I urge you to hear more about God’s love by visiting my church, The Life Church (which knows nothing about this quest).  The service is just a little over an hour. Location information should be on the card. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Meet God half way, and I promise He will  work wonders in your life. Trust me.

If you’re already planted in the church, then my challenge to you is to do whatever you can to share the love and kindness of God to others. Too many people don’t know the love and kindness of God, and we should be the ones to help them see Him through us. We’re not perfect by a long shot, but I challenge you to join me to help show love to others as we continue to grow in Christ ourselves to be better people too.

God bless you,