Let’s Keep in Touch! (because I’m leaving)

If you noticed, the domain aimingformore.com is no longer associated with this site BECAUSE I have moved it! Go ahead and take a peek into the new look and location of the site. Here I’ll make it easy for you: www.aimingformore.com

You like it? I hope you do! And if you so far have enjoyed the posts, curious about the future of the site and my service projects, and want to keep in touch, please subscribe to it! It’s on the right sidebar of the site. Subscribing will allow me to send you updates of new posts on the site especially with the exciting news with TiWiK and other projects I have in the works. (Don’t worry, I won’t fill up your inbox!)

If you want to stay connected via social media, your best bet is liking the Facebook page. Go like it if you haven’t already.

Well this is the last post that you will receive a notification from WordPress about. I’m hopeful that you’ll subscribe to the new post so that we can keep in touch! I appreciate the support!



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