reset aiming for more the journey 6

Reset – The Journey 6

This past week was what I called Reset week. I actually took a week off from work to try to reset mentally, spiritually, and physically. Lots of me time and just trying to get myself refocused on what I value.

So what did I do during my reset week? Mainly just tried to check off things on my to do list that has been loitering there for a while. Although I didn’t get everything done, I had a lot of progress on my goal list.

Speaking of my goal list, I actually did some major revisions. Having the time I had, I was able to really think about what’s important to me RIGHT NOW to get done. What are the things that if I don’t do, I’ll feel stagnant? What are the things that are within my scope of accomplishing at this point of my life? When I really pondered this, I realized that my goal list was all out of focus, a bit upside down, some extremely random, and some that was in need of revisions of steps to accomplish it all.

I made revisions and placed it in a chart format. On the left column are all my goal descriptions. The next column describes the start date and the one after that is the end date. These just gives me an idea of when I will begin working towards that goal and when I hope I will complete it. After that, I have columns labeled Early Nov, Late Nov, Early Dec, Late Dec and so on and so forth. In these columns I write down the step that I plan to accomplish towards that goal in the early part of November (the first 2 weeks of Nov) and the late part of November (the last 2 weeks of Nov). This way I give myself time in case something comes up to still complete the step. As I complete tasks, I strike through them.

Altogether I have 12 goals. Out of those 12 goals are 5 major ones: 1) Mentor 4 high school students in 2017 with my TAP curriculum. 2) Complete 9 full interviews for TiWiK to be used in TAP. 3) Master use of equipment for TiWiK interviews. 4) Master use of Adobe Premiere and After Effects to create the TiWiK videos. 5) Have 100 articles written and a thriving interactive circle of readers by Dec 2017 for Aiming for More blog.

TiWiK is a special project that unfortunately I can’t give full details about yet but it’s coming and I’m extremely excited about it. There’s a lot of prep work that I’m doing for it, but I’ve begun to push it up on my goal list along with mentoring and this blog.

So there’s my goal revisions at least the top ones. I’ve been paying attention to what doors open for me while which ones seemed to be jammed especially for the mentorship and TiWiK project. I don’t believe in coincidences so I’m trying to stay prayerful of whether God is leading me into a different direction or not. With some of my goals, it seems like I was yanking at the door to open and it just refused to do so. For me the worst thing to do is to waste energy trying to pry a door open that God wants to stay shut because he’s trying to protect me from what’s on the other side. That’s why I have to step it up in my daily prayer time to make sure I’m not making mistakes. I feel like I’m on the right track but even if I’m not by the slightest bit, I have faith that God will help redirect me.

I strongly feel like God wants each and every one of us to thrive in His purpose for us. That outside our personal career goals, we should all have service goals of what we want to do to help others leaving our mark on the world to make it better than what we left it. I want to encourage all of you to dig deep and figure out what those service goals are. We were not created to just work, pay bills, have kids, and die. So what can you do to make this world a better place as a way to honor God and truly make your life matter for others?


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