hip chat

Resource Alert: HipChat

Time to share another interesting little resource. Today, I highlight HipChat!

hip chat

Hipchat is this space where you can interact and work with whatever team you have. It provides private group chat and file sharing in a type of social media like space. It can be used for free on a smaller scale (I believe it’s about 10 people that you are allowed to have) up to large scale corporations (which of course has a cost to it). There’s a lot of nice features to it but I mostly want to just talk about the ones you can freely use right now.

hip chat

I like how it comes with an app as well so you can participate from anywhere at anytime as well as online. I’m actually currently use it for my team in my Organizational Needs Analysis class that I take online. It gives us a space to talk with each other and share information for our project.

If you do decide to pay, it’ll let you have more team members. It also allows you to do video chat and screensharing within the system. If I remember correctly, when you sign up for a free account, they will give you a free 10 day trial of those couple of features.

So if you’re in need of a private online space to work with your team members, I suggest you check it out. It may be of some use to you!


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