ted talks rae responds why some of us don't have one true calling

TED Talks, Rae Responds: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

As part of my desire to broaden my perspectives of how I see the world, I’ve been trying to make it a weekly habit to watch at least one TED talk.

Today’s reviewed TED Talk is for:

  • Those who have multiple talents
  • Those who really can’t narrow down on what they want a career in
  • Those that loves to explore new subject matters and have trouble focusing on only one

This talk comes from Emilie Wapnick. In her talk, she discusses how peculiar it is that when we are asked what we want to do as a career, people can tend to ask you to focus on one thing only. That you should specialize on only one thing and not try to be a something/something/something.

She says that this isn’t right as there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a person that wish to excel in many talents. She presents the term of being a “multipotentialite” as being that type of person that has many different talents and interests that they may or may not have as their career.

One of the points she made that I fully agree with of what it is a good thing to be a multipotentialite is the simple fact that these type of people tend to be more innovative. When you mesh the perspectives you’ve gained from your many talents, you’re able to come up with amazing ideas. And as a person that hates to see creativity squashed, I can see what she means.

For example, I have a desire to mentor and encourage youth to find their way to the career that they choose to have. So I want to use my background in instructional design to come up with out of the box innovative ways to reach students in helping them figure out their next steps as students are unfortunately not taught the ropes of how to do so in high school as I believe that they should. (I’ll stop here as I can definitely write an entire blog post about this, if not a series).

Anyway, I know that companies are hungry for candidates that are creative and innovative. So by being a person that have many interests that broadens their perspective of the world, you could be a great person to come up with those ideas.

I feel like I definitely want to have a career in Instructional Design and more specifically e-learning development. That’s what I would want to do as a career to pay the bills and grow to specialize in. However, I have a vast amount of interest from writing, to natural hair care, to designing, to volunteer teaching, to mentoring, any kind of counseling/psychology topic and so much more. I think by having so many interests, it really makes you more of a richly interesting person. Besides, I’m sure God didn’t give you all those talents for nothing which is all the more reason to make good use of them!

So if you do have multiple interest, I think you should explore them all. Then reflect and dive deeper in the ones that you just can’t move on from no matter how many of them they are. Of course, have balance in your life but don’t feel pressured to have to only focus on one.

I really enjoyed this talk. If you have about 12 minutes or so, check out the video here.

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2 thoughts on “TED Talks, Rae Responds: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

  1. There is a name for what I am!!! I can’t say how many breakdowns, anxiety attacks, feelings of failures I’ve had b/c of this. But I see now, what I see as my weakness, is in actuality a strength!!!


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