Resource Alert – Canva

I absolutely LOVE stumbling upon cool resources and tools either via the internet or an app that can make my life easier or for me to learn something new. Today I want to highlight!


Canva is this great site for those of you that are designers at heart. The blog, called their Design School, gives useful tips and techniques to increase your designing skills. They post fairly often once a day. What makes me squeal even more are the articles that describes the psychology behind certain design techniques. LOVE it! LOVE it! *insert Psychology major squeal here* They even have tutorials and teaching materials that you could use (which definitely intrigues the instructional designer in me).

Besides their fabulous Design School, they have a design generator that’s free to help you creates designs online. Here’s  snapshot of the kinds of creations you can make:


I like how they have in the generator some images that are free to use as well as images that you only have to pay a $1 to use. (As designers all know the struggle to use images legally for projects.) They have really nice fonts and designs as well. It’s perfect for people who aren’t that savvy in design but want something nice for their projects.


So check it out! I’m still in the process of reading articles, and I plan to go through all the tutorials and classes myself. I feel that while I have some basics in graphic design, I certainly have a long way to go. I hope to get better at it as it would greatly help my career in instructional design if I did. So if you’re like me and you really want to improve your skillset, check out this FREE resource online at!

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