TED Talks Rae Responds - How to Find Work You Love

TED Talk, Rae Responds: How to Find Work You Love

Every now and then I’ll post videos that deeply intrigued me from the TED.com site. It’s actually on my bucket list to attend a TED conference one day some day. Until then I will keep myself satisfied by watching numerous talks to expand my perspective of the world.

This TED talk is for:

  • people that are frustrated with their current jobs
  • people who want to quit their jobs, people who wish to have a job that they enjoy
  • people who are nervous about quitting a job
  • people who just want to figure out their purpose and career goals

This talk comes from Scott Dinsmore. This guy realized one day that he just couldn’t keep working at a job that he was unhappy at. He wanted to do what he loved to do not only what he tolerated to do to pay the bills. So he left this job at a Fortune 500 company to learn more about how to help himself and others to find their passion and make it their career. He studied many career books and researched until he finally started Live Your Legend, his organization to help others reach their true career goals.

What I loved so much about this guy is that his sincere desire to help others have a career that they truly enjoy. I can relate as I’ve had such a deep desire to learn about career development, finding your purpose and just helping people, more specifically youth, to make the right steps towards that career. I’ve read so many stories of how people are miserable in their journey to their purpose and I’m friends with even more people of all ages that are trying their best to figure their way through it. Whatever I can do to make it easier, THAT’S what I want to do.

I think a great thing he hit on is how important it is to understand yourself to understand your purpose to reach your goals. This is where I feel that most people have the most problem in because they don’t know where to start. Things started to clear up for me personally in my journey when I began to understand who I was, what I valued, what my personality was. I think it’s so true that without knowing that, it’s like a long winding confusing road to those goals because you don’t know what makes you happy!

So I did greatly enjoyed this talk. So much so that I hoped to one day perhaps meet the Scott Dinsmore on how he got his organization started and rolling. But unfortunately that won’t ever happen. Scott Dinsmore died in September 2015 as he was taking a year long trip around the world. He was killed on his trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. So as I post this TED Talk video, I’d like to say RIP Scott Dinsmore and thank you for using your life to inspire and help those reach their purpose.


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